Independence Day Populaire - 4 July 2008


I apologize in advance for misspellings and incorrect times.

NAME								TIME
Jim Logan							4:18
Jeffrey Ryan							5:32
Liam Cooney							5:30
Michael Walther							4:35
Bill Kreke							4:13
Sarah Quesen							4:40
Matt Whooley							6:00
John Landreth							4:30 (Started at 08:00)
Nathan Franzen							4:47
Linda Peleano							6:10
Guido Giuntini							DNF
Mark Rawlings							4:40
Brent O'Neill							5:05
Gus Schlaier							6:40
Seth Gornet							5:30
Bruce Woods							4:45
Ross Hatton							4:50
Shelly Ferris							6:00
Todd Goodwin							6:30
John Napolitano							DNF
Peter Grewar							4:13
Anne-Marie Alderson						6:50
Aldo Gaburri							4:20
Evan Robinson							3:35
Jim Cipar							DNF
Matthew Kurpiewski						4:35
Stephen Cummings						3:19
David Davidson							DNF
B Howze								DNF
Rob Lochner							3:35
Adam Amhrein							4:05
Katherine Vargo							4:45
Katie Buchak							5:38
Robert Kern							DNF
Dan Gilmore							DNF
David Huggins Danes						4:50
Eric McKeegan							4:38
Maurice Tierney							5:50
Joe Bunik							5:56
Michael Cowber (?)						DNF
Lori Upperman							DNF
Alan Ferrency							5:56
Andy Grieshop							4:05
Scott Bricker							4:05
Daniel Abehose							5:58
Justin Flage							4:05
Dan Blumenfeld							4:00
Carl Fertman							4:45
Barb Murock							4:45
Steve Kurpiewski						3:20
Sharon Slovenec							6:50
Chuck Wertze							12:00

What Is It?

A 100 kilometer, self-supported randonneur-style ride, heading north and west of city, beginning and ending in Morningside. This year's edition will be more brevet-like, with several information controles along the way (see FAQ below), and a hard finish time.

The Route

Here's a map of the course. Cue sheet can be found here. You will be responsible for printing your own cue sheet. The course has been recc'ed and can be considered final, pending last minute construction changes, which seem unlikely.

The Details

The route begins and ends in the playground of the Morningside school, on Jancey Street. The route, for the most part, follows relatively quiet suburban and rural roads. There are some rough and/or higher traffic sections, however, and these will be noted on the cue sheets. Please be aware of these stretches and ride accordingly.

Registration begins at 08:30, and the ride begins at 09:30. Please be considerate of my neighbors. If you are driving to the start, you may park on Jancey, Greenwood, or Chislett.

You will be given a brevet card at the start which indicates two "information controles" along the way--obvious questions regarding landmarks along the route to prove you actually did the ride. For your time to be included in the results, you must complete the card during the course of the event. And while this ride is not a race, you must complete the course by 16:10 (4:10 PM) to be counted as a finisher. Additionally, the final controle (finish) does not open until 12:26 PM.

This ride is being run through the Western PA Wheelmen, meaning you will need to fill out a waiver to participate in the ride, as well as a waiver provided by Bike Pittsburgh, since this event is a part of their BikeFest.


  1. What does "brevet style mean?"
    • In the style of randoneuring. See
    • Or, it roughly means "recreational ultra-distance riding in which you are accountable for your own navigation and success."
    • You will receive a "control card", and you will need to verify that you passed several points on the route by answering several obvious questions (if you are there).
  2. Why is there no ride leader?
    Because you get a cue sheet, and you are personally accountable for your own success
  3. If I ride this, will it start an inextoriable slide until I find myself riding Paris-Brest-Paris?
  4. Does the event have its own cool poster?
    Artwork is by Stephen Haynes. He will be selling hand-screened, 3 color versions of the poster (printed on 12.5" x 19.5" French 100lb Recycled Construction Cover stock) for $6, with a portion of the proceeds going to Bike PGH. If you're interested in ordering one, please send an email to pgh.rando_at_gmail_dot_com. Posters will also be available the day of the event, albeit for $8.
  5. How much does it cost?
    $5, all of which will be donated to Bike Pittsburgh.

The Fine Print

You are responsible for you. Carry a cell phone and a toolkit (with a spare tube/patch kit and pump at a minimum). The control card will include my phone number. If you are leaving the ride for any reason, please call me so I don't wait for you to return. It's a looooong walk back to the city. This isn't a race, so obey the traffic laws. It's up to you to follow the course. Unlike other BikeFest rides, you are on your own. You are not discouraged from riding in a group, but there is no ride leader, and no sweeper. Be safe, have fun.