For an upcoming piece in Comment (hopefully). For the record, this is the first time I’ve actually worked in a cubicle. And we’ve started to use Picasa to hold some of our photos since we’ve maxed out our Flickr account.

Connecting the Dots

For the past several months, I have been part of a diverse group of people reading through Marilynne Robinson’s collection of essays entitled The Death of Adam. While the essays were written at various times (and for diffrent publications), there is a common thread that weaves them together, summoned up by this line from her […]

Assigning Blame

Todd, at Clever Cycles, examines the Catholic Church’s recent document on the automobile, “Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road.” I left a rather long comment on the post, but I thought I may add to that a bit in this space. Tood is unabashedly anti-car, and like many like-minded folks, sees the car […]


From Matt Chester: Riding a bicycle, like playing a musical instrument or sailing a boat or driving a racing car, allows those who are otherwise unsure and awkward to exhibit moments of fluidity and grace in a way not readily possible with dance shoes, a basketball, or a pair of boxing gloves. From square one, […]

Current Reading

The latest issue of Radix has two articles that caught my eye enough that I’ve read them several times. The first, “Why Love Will Always Be A Poor Investment” by Kurt Armstrong, is an examination of the marriage covenant, and how it stands in opposition to the individualistic, choice-driven relationships of our time. This ring […]

Book It Alleycat

The full report is coming soon (I think), but here’s the route Eli, Joshua, and I took for the scavanger hunt-style race.

Visions of New Orleans (2)

Thanks to an email from a traveling companion, I can add a few details to the story in the last post… Our friend’s name was Willie Metcalf. Our friend also got lost on our journey to the out-of-way jazz club, increasing our fear that we may not make it out alive. And, lastly, when we […]

Visions of New Orleans

1993. Six of us from university piled into an RV (owned by the rather trusting parents of one our members) and headed south, with the vague plan to see New Orleans and perhaps a beach somewhere too. The days in the Big Easy blur together now, my memory a victim of time and age, but […]

The Joy of Food

We love to eat. When asked why I ride my bike so much, I usually respond “so I can eat more,” and I’m not kidding. I’m also a big fan of the preparation of food. There is something creative, and relaxing, about preparing a meal, even for a large group. Perhaps I should have been […]

I Can Relate to This

James Brink is having blogging issues.