Technical Announcement

If anyone is still accessing this site from, please use the “normal” domain, The domain was a stop-gap measure when my last web host (most certainly a guy running a few machines in his basement) went down for close to a week. I don’t feel the need to own this domain anymore, […]

The Magic of the Internet

Thanks to this nifty tool using the Google Maps API, I present to you my morning commute.

The Hand That Feeds You

Slashdot has a good discussion going on about this article about former virus writer Marek Strihavka. Strihavka apparently ran with a gang of Russian programmers (known collectively as 29A), but has reformed himself and now works for an internet security firm. He claims he did not distribute the virii he wrote and his work was […]


Perhaps it’s time I modify the defaults for MT to avoid the embarrassment of turning on comments and turning off line breaks. Sorry for the utter goof-up last night….

Open Source Usability

John Gruber has written an excellent essay on the state of usability in open source software. The essay is a response to Eric S Raymond’s recent essay on being unable to use the Linux CUPS interface to connect to a printer. Gruber does a fine job dissecting Raymond’s arguments (distilled version: developers have to dumb […]

Behind the Scenes Update

I finally wrestled the domain name from our lame hosting provider, which means that everything now points to the same servers as Including email. The old provider’s service would just mysteriously disappear every so often. That shouldn’t be the case anymore, though. Hoo-ray!

Jumping Ship

Well, if all goes well, I may be returning to the dark side for my employment. In preparation for this, I’ve starting playing around with Mono, an open source implementation of the various APIs used by ASP.NET. This project, led by the founders of Ximian, is geared toward a fully functionality .Net library for Linux […]

SCO, Again

In case you don’t really follow this (which you probably shouldn’t, since it’s incredibly silly), SCO CEO Darl McBride wrote this error-filled open letter to the open source community. And, of course, the open source community responded. The response is thoughtful and concise, but I’ve got one question to all these folks who have made […]

More SCO Madness

SCO, in yet another incredible move in their claims about intellectual property in the Linux kernel, will be sending invoices to companies currently using any flavour of Linux. SCO’s claim is, of course, that since they believe the Linux kernel contains their IP, these companies owe them licensing fees for that property. Let the class […]

Linux on a Laptop

Well, I finally went ahead and did it — I wiped the hard drive on our laptop and installed Linux. It was about that time, as it took Windows 2000 nearly 10 minutes to completely boot, and with the iMac (and Office for Mac), we didn’t really have any good reason to keep a copy […]