Cold Cruisin’

It’s rather chilly here in Pittsburgh this morning (temperatures hovering around 0 degrees fahrenheit without wind chill), and we had a fair amount of snow yesterday. So, out of respect for my Steamroller, I fixed up the old singlespeed mountain bike this weekend and rode it to work through the snow and slush. The bike […]

The Iron City Icepick

Saturday afternoon was the Iron City Icepick, the year’s last alleycat. The winter storm held off for a few hours, and the weather was actually quite nice for a ride around the city — temperatures around 40 degrees with little wind. The clouds even parted for a bit for a nice little sunset. The race […]

Speaking Too Soon

I jumped the gun a bit when I listed Subaru’s WRC team for next season — Mikko Hirvonen had yet to be signed, and today, Subaru announced that Chris Atkinson would share the second works car with Stephane Sarrazin. Atkinson will drive the loose surface events, with Sarrazin piloting the Impreza on the sealed surface […]

Something to Look Forward To

Antithesis has an interesting splash page at the moment, and I love their warning at the very bottom.

Public Intellectuals and the Neocalvinist Tradition

Gideon Strauss has opened a great discussion about the current crop of public intellectuals and his desire to see three (!) neocalvinists on the list in the very near future. The discussion is well worth a look.

Being There

Derek Melleby has started a series on necalvinism, and that got me thinking. Neocalvinism seems to be a distinctly academic adventure, with the loudest voices being professors and other involved in higher education. In fact, Derek quotes Byron Borger’s thoughts on the subject, and he hammers home one of the goals of neocalvinism: we need […]

Winter Wonderland

We had our first real taste of winter yesterday and today, with about of inch of snow on the ground here in the city. That made for an interesting ride to work on skinny road tyres and nice coating of fresh snow on the road. I should begin to rebuild the singlespeed mountain bike very […]


I tried yesterday (really I did) to break the silence in this space, but my workstation crashed rather ungracefully while I was writing a post. So well. There have been several things I’ve been pondering this week, and I don’t have long entries for any of them. But I’ll mention a couple: 1. Gideon Strauss […]

WRC Rosters Nearly Complete

Mitsubishi announced the signing of Harri Rovanpera today. Rovanpera will contest all 16 rounds of the championship next season. Mitsubishi management said the Gilles Panizzi and Gigi Galli will share the second Lancer, with Panizzi running all of the sealed surface events and selected gravel events. There is also a possibility that a third car […]

More WRC News

Ford announced today that Roman Kresta would join Toni Gardemeister and drive the second works Focus for the 2005 campaign. Kresta previously split his time between a third works car at Peugeot and a Bozian racing privateer Peugeot. The only team with a seat remaining is Mitsubishi, and that is expected to be filled by […]