News and Notes

Lots of little, diverse items this morning….

First, we got word at the office from our employers that our group will not be moving from downtown. Woo hoo. In fact, since we have some extra offce space, Ciber may move a few folks into our space.

Other work news — I was just given a fairly involved web services project to work on. I’ve got plenty of time to do it, and it should be pretty interesting (it will have two component — the web service itself and a client application to use the service to transfer and manipulate data.

Subaru has unveiled the 2004 Impreza WRC, which will make its competitve debut next month in Mexico. The team made quite a few changes in the overall package, and the directors feel the car will allow them to compete with Ford and Citroen.

A few thoughts on Bush’s support for a constitutional amendment defining marriage. First, if you are not a Christian and you support this (I’m not saying Bush isn’t, but there are plenty of people who aren’t), what is your justification. The “sanctity” of marriage is a religious concept. If you were married in front of a justice of the peace, what is the foundation for believing that marriage is exclusively reserved for man and woman? And for the Christians that are fighting so hard for this amendment — why put the cart before the horse again? You’re trying to allow Christianity to creep into politics by only supporting a “popular” movement.

Mel Gibson’s The Passion opens today, and I must admit, I’m not interested. I think Gibson is quite earnest in his intentions in making this film, but otherwise I don’t really care. People will think what they will. I will say this much — I think the Christian right is being a bit hypocritical since they aren’t decrying the level of violence in this film. And we can’t be too quick to focus so much on Christ’s death, as it’s what happened three days later that truly defines what Christianity is.