Inside Looking Out

Well, thanks to my stupidity, my back flared up again on Friday, and has left me couch-bound this weekend. Despite the appearance of being very lazy, there are few things I hate more than forced inactivity. I can deal with a day or two of it on vacation, but forced inactivity at home is the worst. There’s a long list of things that need to be done around the house:

* Start building a bouldering wall in the basement.
* Replace a basement with glass block.
* Do something about the weedy hillside in front of the house.
* Continue gardening the back yard.

On top of this list, there’s also the list of stuff to do at the old house, which includes:

* Mowing the lawn (which should be knee-high at this point).
* Cleaning the kitchen.
* Sweeping up the basement.

But instead, I’m stuck on the couch. Yesterday I began reading Bel Canto (which is quite good), and I’m sure I’ll finish that up today. On the bright side, I can stand up and move around without a lot of pain — my back seems to be mostly stiff from the pain yesterday. I’m considered working from home tomorrow, just because I can’t stomach the thought of riding the bus. *

* Please note — I’ve got nothing against public transportation. I think it’s a good thing. I just see it as a momumental waste of my time, since it’ll take 40 minutes or so to get to and from work (each way), and I can ride to and from work in 15-20 munutes.