Game Over, Among Other Things

As expected, Lance Armstrong put the finishing touches on his sixth TdF win today on the slopes of L’Alpe D’Huez. How fast was Lance? Ivan Basso, the closest contender in the GC, started the time trial two minutes ahead of Armstrong, but was still passed by Lance in the closing kilometers. Barring catastrophe, Lance should be wearing yellow in Paris on Sunday. Now the only question is — will he retire?

A grand night out — Betty managed to sneak out last night, and spent the entire night out and about. I wondered why she wasn’t sleeping at my feet on the bed. I heard her pitiful meows this morning from the bathroom.

Wow! Is the boy cute or what? He’s officially walking now, even relatively quickly. He still drops to a crawl if he needs to get somewhere really fast, but he’s staying on his feet a lot more.