The Bike Project

I picked up the Steamroller, with a brand new headset, last night, and once we put the boy to bed and ate dinner, I went to work. About an hour later (including several handlebar switches — track drops? hmmm. TT bars? hmmm. Track drops, definitely track drops) I had a complete bike. First impressions? It’s sooo nice having track ends and a frame that’s spaced for a track hub. Setting chain tension was really, really easy. Riding impressions? Very smooth. The geometry is a bit more aggressive than my previous frame, though not as aggressive as a full on track bike. I really want to flip the Bontranger stem too — I feel like I’m riding a beach cruiser when I’m on the flats, even though, thanks to a long top tube, I’m not.

Sorry — no photos yet — it was too late last night, and I didn’t want to take lame photos in our basement. Perhaps tonight.