Single Issue Voters

The Japery has an interesting column about the Christian tendancy toward single issue voting. I really only want to comment on the last paragraph:

Abortion, properly understood by pagans and religionists alike, pertains to end of life “issues,” like euthanasia; genetic meddling on all kinds of life; the proper limits of the state; economic and “social” justice–and more. How we regard and treat life, especially human life, and the health of the family (the fundamental ordering structure of society) is a basic, foundational political concern that rightly precedes all others. One can vote on it as a “single-issue” or “litmus test” because it impacts all other “issues” most profoundly, and a person’s views on “abortion” always tell you a great deal about that person and what you might expect from them.

He should be right, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case in this present age. Is there anyone out there that really believes George Bush’s entire political agenda is driven by his desire for a “cutlure of life?” If that’s the case, why isn’t he pushing to extend the welfare to help those who can’t help themselves? I can’t remember where I read it, but I came across a quote a few weeks ago that went something like this: Conservatives only care about you before you’re born. Sure, George Bush wants to fund more faith-based initiatives, but if you’re a Christian in government, wouldn’t you want the government to do Christ’s work of helping the poor? Many single issue voters support Bush for his anti-abortion stand, but they end up agreeing with his plan to democratize the Middle East through force to ride the world of those Godless Muslims. Am I the only one who sees a bit of contradiction there? The “culture of life” only applies to you if you’re an American.

And let’s talk a bit about “genetic meddling.” Christians are whole-heartedly against stem cell research (despite the potential conflict created with the support of fertility clinics), but they are oddly unaffected by another aspect of “genetic meddling” — genetically modified plants and animals. And who are the biggest foes of GMOs? Those baby-killing Democrats. Science can’t tinker with humans, but everything else is fair game. There are endless reports of the potential dangers of GM foods — from danger to the consumers to the disruption of the ecosystem. But few Christians pay any attention to the Biblical mandate to be stewards of creation. Where is the link Fr. Jape says exists? A Pro-Life perspective does not necessarily inform one’s political perspective.