Gone Flat

As I was riding home last night, enjoying the warm-ish winter twilight, I flatted around 28th and Smallman Streets. No problem, I thought. I hopped off my bike, walked up to the sidewalk, and got to work. As I dug through my took pouch, I noticed I was missing two key components of this pit stop — tyre levers. Instantly, I knew I was stuck — I could not possibly get the front tyre off without them (the bead is so tight, I actually have trouble with tyre levers, so bare hands were out of the question). Nothing left to do but sheepishly call Jen and ask for a ride….

I only hope I’ve broken the spell of multiple flats — for whatever reason, they tend to come to me in bunches. At least I have one more spare tube. It might be time to invest in a better set of tyres with a kevlar belt.