We sent in the deposit for our 2007 CSA share with Mildreds’ Daughters’ Urban Farm this morning. We’ve purchased a full share this year, given that we still had to supplement a bit with the half share last year. Additionally, half-shares this year will get a full share every two weeks, instead of a half share every week. This, combined with veggies grown in the backyard, should allow us to keep it in neighborhood, as it were, not supplementing with produce from the Co-op.

Another bit of good news from Barb and Randa at Mildreds’ Daughters’ is that the ranchers at Rose Ridge Farm just over the border in Ohio will regularly have their beef and pork available to CSA members. We had the opportunity to sample their stuff last year, and it was both tasty and relatively affordable (compared to the beef from a ranch in Elizabeth, PA). (One note about grass fed beef that is not mentioned in the article–cows are actually built to eat grass. Their complex stomachs can generate proteins from good old grass.)