There’s an interesting thread on /. about the geek’s desire to learn. Everything. Homebrewing beer, gardening, metalsmithing, you name it, and there are geeks into it or learning it. And I’ve got to put myself into that category. I really like the process of learning, and the process of teaching myself. I remember in high school, some friends of mine in another school had to read The Day I Became an Autodidact. The whole concept was pretty foreign to me then, but now I’ve really embraced it. I appreciated the fact I went to college, and that I had the opportunity to hone my thinking process (because heaven knows my philosophy degree didn’t get me much else 😉 ), but I appreciate even more the journey I’ve had since college–learning how to run a business, learning how to be a programmer, learning how to be father.

So, here’s a short list of things I’d like to learn how to do sooner rather than later:

1. Build a bicycle wheel from scratch
2. Change the clutch plates on my car
3. Carpentry/home repair
4. Learn one or two more programming languages (Ruby and Python) and learn more about *nix system administration