Independence Day Populaire - 4 July 2007

What Is It?

Yet another randonneur-ish bike ride, this time in conjunction with Bike Pittsburgh's BikeFest. This ride is actually a smidge under 80km, and is a bit easier than the Iron City Populaire route, running north out of the city, then to Allegheny River in the east.

The Route

Here's a map of the course. Cue sheets will be created after a recce, and a link will be posted here. You will be responsible for printing your own cue sheet. The course is a combination of several rides in Oscar Swan's book, most notably, Wildwood. Most of the route will be on relatively low-traffic roads, but be aware that the return trip along Freeport Road will be a bit busier.


The cue sheet is available here. Note the distance has been decreased, in part for folks who want to ride both this and the alleycat in the afternoon. Also, the route through the North Hills has been modified as well due to construction. There are no long hills, but there are plenty of shorter, steeper rollers. If you're running low on food or water, you probably want to stop at the Sheetz when you cross SR 8, as you won't see anything until Tarentum. Also, once you hit the Red Belt, follow it to its end in Tarentum (at W. 7th/Freeport Road). Google Maps has no concept of our beltways, and many of the roads are not marked with street signs. Just follow the big red dots and you'll be fine.

There are a few sections of rough roads:
* Little Pine Creek Road: chipseal.
* McIntyre/Turner Road: rough chipseal, plus some sections of really broken pavement. There are a few long-ish descents, so just keep your eyes open.

The Details

The ride will begin and end at Tazzo d'Oro in Highland Park. 8:00AM registration, 8:30AM ride start. Registration will cost $5, all of which will be donated to Bike Pittsburgh. Unlike the Iron City Populaire, there will not be time limit, nor will there be a checkpoint during the ride. I will have a sign-in sheet at the finish so you can record your time, if you choose.

This is a ride for (mostly) everyone. Think of it as a nice ride in the country.

The Fine Print

You are responsible for you. Carry a cell phone and a toolkit (with a spare tube/patch kit and pump at a minimum). It's a looooong walk back to the city. This isn't a race, so obey the traffic laws. It's up to you to follow the course. Unlike other BikeFest rides, you are on your own. You are not discouraged from riding in a group, but there is no ride leader, and no sweeper. Be safe, have fun.