Road Trip 2011, Part the First

From RoadTrip2011

Read more about the adventures here and here.

Early 2011 in Pictures

Sorry for the lack of activity. I promise to take more photos, really.

Early 2011

Christmas 2010

From December 2010

Yeswehavenotbeenpostingmuch. We’ll try to fix that, but no guarantees.

Merry Christmas!

Down on the Farms

From Down on the Farms

We spent part of the weekend at the Wolpert Farm in Belington, WV and Backbone Farm in Oakland, MD. A good time was had by all.

Greetings from Hueco Tanks State Park

From Hueco Tanks, Day One

Spring, Sprung



Snowstorm 2010

snowstorm 2010

snowstorm 2010
Seracs on our roof

snowstorm 2010

snowstorm 2010
Seb and neighborhood kids

Closing Out 2009

From Closing Out 2009

Due to a tumultuous December, posting ’round these parts was pretty sparse, including the annual “birthday slideshow.” Such is life, I suppose.

Trick or Treat

Scuba diver and King Tut.

Red River Gorge

From Red River Gorge 2009