these days…

christmas in retrospect

our living room has somehow exploded into a mess of primary colors: blue, red, mainly yellow have intruded upon our subtle tones of green and brown (it sounds uglier than it is, believe me). it’s all seba’s fault. not really. it’s all his grandparents’ fault. here are some pictures of seb on christmas day… first […]

for all good things must come to an end

the christmas tree has exited the house. i might say, “finally.” last week when temps were in the 60s and it felt more like may than january, i began thinking that the tree had filled its full christmas potential. the lights just weren’t doing it for me anymore, and the tree was better defined as […]

the blackest month of all the year…

is the month of janveer. that’s january folks. and if you live in pittsburgh, pa, you know what i mean. it has been cloudy for two weeks straight, and it’s starting to make me weary. the brightest it has been seems like dusk to me, with the charcoal clouds hanging low. and winter is just […]