that was pwetty ‘mazin’!” says oren as the tape measure snaps back into its holder.

of books and things

it occurs to me that this section of anklebiter.net isn’t focused on the kids all the time (pointed out by one of my sisters who asked, do you still have kids?), and that i need to rename it something else, like ‘anklebiters’ mommy’ or something. i dunno. so, this thursday marked the end of my […]


smells a little bit like body odor. it’s not me! well, it is my hands, but i just finished cutting up rhubarb for this shortbread dessert i’m making for a picnic today. the rhubarb is from the backyard, a place that tends to produce bitter veggies, so i hope it doesn’t taste like body odor […]

encroaching nature

The tomato plant has completely smothered the green pepper plant and is starting to oppress the limelight hedrangea. The sumac weed (tree) we cut down has sent hundreds of shiny new shoots sprouting throughout the entire backyard. The aphids ate the birch tree. The bind weed is trying to strangle the black-eyed susans. The pineapple […]