rifle (or, shot down)

oi! i don’t know what i was thinking. in other years when we have climbed at rifle, we’ve had at the very least 4 days of climbing in the park. having at least 4 climbing days is necessary just to get one’s head into it. climbing on slippery limestone can be a little daunting if […]

settlers of catan

we adults have been playing this game every possible evening. we’re totally addicted and talk about the previous night’s game the next morning as if we really are settlers of catan… this may be the beginning of a d&d-type craze in our family. okay, maybe not.

colorado, rocky mountain high…

in broomfield CO for a few days now. the two days of driving it took us to get here felt … short. i’m not exactly lying through my teeth. admittedly, the end of the first day of driving at about 11p on the other side of st. louis MO seemed more like the end of […]