Here is a little slideshow of photos my friend JOhn took one day in July of me working on Apollo.


oren: the other day i lost my brain cap. everyone else: huh? me: imagining his brains spilling out of a hole while he’s bending over looking around for the cap. (can you blame me?) oren: you know, i couldn’t remember something. i lost my brain cap. some of us: ooooooh, you mean your thinking cap? […]

born to climb

one of my favorite essays from my thesis has been published! check out “Born to Climb” at Stymie Magazine, on page 51. this takes you to a strange online reader, and if you do a little bit of looking around, you can make some adjustments so it’s in a format that works best for you. […]

2010: the year of 13

(disclaimer: this post might only be exciting to me, but that’s okay. here is my place to spray instead of facebook.) i have been waiting all year to write this post. i had the title picked out sometime in january. 13.1 miles. in january, i decided to train for a half marathon.  i trained to […]