an ideal concept

today for math seb and i were playing around with and thinking about patterning… patterning with numbers and patterning with shapes. it’s not a brand new concept by any means–patterning is something that is taught or played around with in kindergarten and first grade…. well, every year really, just at a deeper and deeper level. […]

healing in progress

i took this picture last thursday, may16. pink new skin has taken over. this was taken a week earlier. looks a little less like frankenstein’s monster than the first picture taken 5 days after surgery.


have any of you noticed that all our doings we have recorded here on are archived to your right? and if you click on them, you can see stuff we’ve been going through since 2003? it’s amazing to me to be able to do this, though sometimes the links to the pictures don’t go […]

phone sounds

so i have found myself, over the past couple of weeks or so, hearing things. like when i’m running and i think i hear my running app start talking to me to tell me that i have indeed  run another mile. i put my phone up to my ear though, and, nope, nothings going on […]