six years ago tomorrow, may 12, around the noon hour, sebastien entered the world in one of the most chaotic days of my life. and since then, things have never been the same. and i’m happy about that. oh, wait, this is not about me… we’re happy about that. brian and i.  in fact, for me (oh, i can’t help it, it IS all about me) as the years go by, that day of chaos fades into the blur. an important day, yes, but just one day, and how great have the rest of the days been since then?

in truth, seb is one of the coolest people i know. and now on the eve of his sixth birthday, i’m thinking about him and the new things about him that i’d like to share on his special day with the family, the friends that read my musings. and anybody out there who does not fall under one of these labels, back off! it’s none of your business! (haha)

seb has a loose tooth. the front tooth that was broken when he was two while he and i played a game that sent him crashing face-first into the sidewalk. soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the gray reminder of that sad day.

seb knows how to read. i’d like to take credit for this, but truly, seb does most things on his own that he wants to do. i only snuck some phonics-stuff to him when he wasn’t looking. today, he read the word ‘friend’ without even sounding it out, and i was impressed. that looks like a hard word! (strangely, then he got hung up on ‘funny’.) he must have felt in his little 5.95-year-old heart what the word was because he has really been into friends lately. who are my friends, mommy? how many friends do i have, mommy?

seb is a budding artist. after a couple of years of me biting my nails that the boy would never draw a picture in his life that wasn’t all circles, seb has begun a creating spree. rockets. cars. astronauts. tanks. guns. flowers. designs. scotch tape sculptures. a wellspring has been tapped.

none of these things are outstanding, but they do well to cement him into the world of being six. and i thank God every day that he is normal! and i’m so excited to see what the next year will bring him (and us, by default).

so join me in saying, HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY, SEBA!