colorado, rocky mountain high…

in broomfield CO for a few days now. the two days of driving it took us to get here felt … short. i’m not exactly lying through my teeth. admittedly, the end of the first day of driving at about 11p on the other side of st. louis MO seemed more like the end of the world, and we wouldn’t get to our sleeping destination for another two hours. i wanted to claw my eyes out. but after a short sleep (2a-ish until 8a-ish) in a very weird campground (that really could have been called a grass-ified parking lot), we all jumped back into our vans and made great time to broomfield.

this morning, i’m writing as evan practices piano on the baby grand that graces the living room of my oldest sister’s house (it’s her husbands house too, but i fitting all of that into the sentence didn’t sound good to me, so i’ll add it here in parentheses). after finally receiving my own piano the friday night before we left pittsburgh, i’m imagining what it will be like to play whenever i want, if i ever want to, and whether i really will. i’m also hoping that this exposure to their cousins playing will encourage seb and oren to want to play and take lessons. we’ll see… of course, i’ll need to get it tuned first.

here’s the list of things we’ve done so far:

  • ┬ánothing
  • swimming at the broomfield rec center
  • the kids have been riding bikes around a local bike path while uncle brian has been doing a little bit more
  • a short hike up to dream lake in rocky mountain national park (by short, i mean, it only took us a few hours to go a mile or two, instead of all day)
  • a train ride on the georgetown loop
  • and i have gone climbing here

there’s some other stuff on our agenda yet: a little mini-climbing trip to rifle sun-mon and then hopefully another jaunt into the mountains with the rest of the fam before we leave next thurs.