to cut? or not to cut?

one of the little things that brian and i have loved about seb since he was born is his hair. he’s always had some. in the beginning it was just nice that it was there to hide the bumps and bruises from his delivery. around 3-4 mos, his hair began growing in thicker, and we were happy that he was starting to look much more human. now it’s been growing so fast, we wonder when seb got to be such a hippie. both brian and i of late have debated within ourselves when to get seb’s hairs cut, and we both, separately, have come to the conclusion that it’s too big of a step right now. gone would be the wispy, broken newborn hairs that still hang on for dear life. gone would be the “tossle-top” that we cherish as a token of his babyhood. once the mess is straightened out, seb will look much more like a little boy than a baby. that is something we can hold off on for now…

here’s proof that seb got teeth! don’t mind the yellow hue of his skin: it’s just the result of a betacarotene overload. he’s not much into the green veggies.

seb is very aware of the presence of said teeth and is constantly running his tongue over them. could be dangerous while in jumpy seat. don’t try this at home, folks.

seb exercising his prowess over “the dada” (hahaha, now i have you!)