1st gear

as seb plays in his jumpy seat in the doorway, he seems fairly normal, his usual playful self, waving “hello” to me every once in a while. he has procured an old cell phone from his daddy for a toy, and i just saw him trying to shove a marker into his ear canal. that’s probably not a safe activity for him to be doing as he jumps and jumps and jumps. are markers not toys? are cell phones not toys? other things that seb likes to play with that probably aren’t toys: remote control, daddy’s shoes, electric cords, cup of hot liquid, forks, knives….okay, i jest. we really don’t let him play with that stuff, but he’d like us to. he’s learning what “NO!” means very quickly, responding with his own version of the word which can only be described as a sort of bucking action while wailing at the top of his lungs. i can only imagine what he will be like when he is two years old. *gulp*

i can’t believe it, but this news has been put off until the 2nd paragraph! seb is finally mobile at 10 months. i say finally because i never thought it would happen. as a mother, i did sooooo want him to be advanced and start crawling at 4 mos of age. i know i already have THE cutest baby, but is it wrong for me to also want the smartest? however, now i have to watch him very carefully most of the time lest i find him in the dark recesses of our home sucking on some of the afore mentioned items. i guess what he does is considered the commando crawl since he’s not up on his hands and knees yet. i like to think of it as the commando-after-being-shot-in-the-leg crawl. he pulls with his forearms while kicking his little feet, not realizing how much easier it would be if he would just bend his knees. but, man, is he getting good at it–look at that little guy go!

AND he’s cutting his 3rd tooth, the top right. i just see the tip of it when i turn him upside down–this is the only way i can get a good look at his top gums since he’s not big on showing them to me without a fight. and he likes being upside down, so it’s good fun. he rubs his bottom tooth on the tip of his new tooth which feels really cool and makes a fun grinding sound that isn’t annoying to me at all. [update: seb has actually cut his 3rd and 4th teeth! : O]