shower, aka don’t know what you got till it’s gone

day 16:
i just took a shower. you may think, what’s the big deal, but it’s serious. this is the first shower i have had since may 31. that’s 10 days people. i could count the shower i took in the woods of our campsite 5 days ago, in the shade with the wind blowing all around me, but i’m not going to. i could maybe count the three times i have washed my hair sitting in the morning sun next to our picnic table. no. i won’t count them. because the shower i just took was 20 minutes long, hot, and my feet didn’t get muddy. i doubt my feet and fingernails will ever be clean again though, but the rest of me is. and after that work, i just stood there, in the shower, thinking… about the shower i’m going to take in the morning, and then i’m going to shaaaaave…..ahhhhhh.