seb now has a whole mouth full. well, that’s what it looks like to me. i’ve already lamented the loss of his gums, so i won’t go there again. but man, these teeth veritably explode out of his swollen gums. it just looks uncomfortable. he apparently handles it pretty well. brian and i always think it’s the end of the world when seb gets a little grumpy for a couple of days, but according to other parents, that’s nothing. he did just graduate from “motrin anonymous” though. it took him a couple of days to detox.

and i have figured out why seb doesn’t want to commit himself to “real” crawling: how else would he get such a close view of the carpet so that he can successfully eat EVERY peice of dirt and cat hair in his path? although, my point to him is, if he would just get up on those knees, he could cover more ground in less time. oh, for the LOVE! hopefully he too won’t start coughing up hairballs. we have enough of that fun already.


sorry, this one is a little on the dark and fuzzy side. i just couldn’t go with the flash pic. the ambience was all off. daddy reads goodnight moon to the boy before he goes to sleep. well, he has for the past 4 nights, so now i think it’s officially a habit according to “the baby whisperer”. the jury is still out on whether seb actually “listens” to the story, but he’s very intent on turning the pages. we usually have trouble keeping up with him. his absolute favorite page in the whole book is the black and white drawing of the mittens (“goodnight mittens…”). he goes all apey about it, squealing and stuff. i don’t know, maybe i shouldn’t be divulging his deep, dark secret to the world…