little, trifling colds

it’s raining today and we’re all sick. all i can really say is, this sucks! spring seems like it’s taking forever in coming (yeesh, will i ever stop complaining about the weather??). guess i have to take the whole “april showers…” proverb to heart. guess the “sun will come out tomorrow….” or more likely next month.

this cold for sebastien is a little worse than the first one a couple of months ago–a mild fever accompanied the copious amounts of mucus leaving his nose. let me tell you, that slight raise in the boy’s temperature sure was a mind job for this first-time mamma! sure, on the outside, i was only mildly concerned while administering tylenol to him. i sang and rocked him to sleep with my usual good cheer. but on the inside i had that kid admitted to the hospital with i.v.s and stuff. visions of him having those high fever seizures danced in my head. i imagined him afflicted with a rare lung disease… yet minutes before i would be on my way to Bedlam with worry, he was resting comfortably in his crib blowing little snot bubbles in his sleep. *shew* rest assured, i doubt it will be this little, trifling cold to keep him from reaching his first birthday–which, i might add, is only in ONE MONTH!

seb has been standing for almost a minute at a time the past couple of days. it’s funny to see him sway back and forth. he rocks on his little feet and digs his tiny toes into the carpet fighting gravity. he just looks at us and grins, as if he’s saying, “i am sooooo goooood.” he is so cute! and on Easter, when we went to retrieve him from his crib after naptime, he was standing there awaiting us very calmly, like we were late, like he’d been waiting there patiently his entire life.

favorite book of the week, or maybe the past two weeks, is brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?. okay, is it a problem or a bad sign if an 11 month old REALLY, REALLY likes the picture of the black sheep? i mean, he’s not relating to the whole “black sheep” concept already, is he? and his new favorite picture in goodnight moon is the cow jumping over the moon. or wait, is it the bowl full of mush? it’s hard to tell.