running in florida

it was weird. the friday we left for florida, i ran for over an hour in 20 degree weather, all bundled up (cause i hate getting cold). then we get to florida and it’s in the low 80s.

while we were there, brian and i partook of a long trail run at a regional park in fort myers located on/near/along the caloosahatchee (sp?). this park has the only good mountain biking trails in the region…. because there are hills. wait a minute, hills? in florida? well…. they were manufactured, and they were hills, but they weren’t hill hills, like the hills around here. so while it was in the upper 70s and 80s while we were running in florida, which is really too hot for running in my book, at least it was flat? i don’t know, i can’t really tell which is harder, hills in 20 degrees or flat land in 80 degrees. it’s a toss up probably. there are issues to deal with in the heat like hot spots on the toes and brush burns in the armpits that i didn’t anticipate and did not enjoy at all, but it was good to get a 14 mile run in on tame landscape.

and it was really great to impress all the retirees we were surrounded by in the community where brian’s dad lives. i went out for short runs around the house, and the people i passed who were walking would wave and smile with a look on their faces like, look at her go! so, a nice perk up for the ego. which i need now that we’re home, and i have to tackle actual hills again. in the freezing cold.