all about poop

for those of you with queasy stomachs at the mention of any type of body fluid, or not so fluid fluid, and for those of you who hate parents who only talk about their kids poop, stop reading now. i have just had a horrific 30 minutes, and i’m using this to vent.

this morning brian donned seb with a soft, brand new white diaper. yes, today is the first day of the cloth diapering adventure. we lauded the joy of using a contour diaper (no fighting with folding a bulky square of cloth) made of soft organic cotton. we discussed how much more comfortable seb would be in them. he looked so cherubic in the pillowy, softness. then we took seb downstairs to play and eat breakfast, and before we knew it, seb was working on a poo.

brian promptly left for work. oh joy.

i decided not to put off the deed and took seb upstairs to change the new, white diaper. how bad could it be really? seb is eating solid food now. for the most part, his poo is usually left for us in a nice managable package. well, i don’t know WHAT this kid ate yesterday, but something went horribly, horribly wrong. to say the least, the diaper was not even close to being white anymore. in fact, there was poo EVERYWHERE. poo had found its way out of every possible space in the diaper AND the diaper cover. it was as if seb had reverted to his days of only breastfeeding. no, nothing solid about this poo. no package necessary, apparently.

by the time i had seb cleaned up and clothed in a new, bright, shiny, cloth diaper and placed in his crib (wailing at the top of his lungs for freedom the ENTIRE time) for safekeeping, i realized that the work had only just begun. i now had to deal with the poo-covered diaper–something i had not really had to deal with before. oh my. the websites that give you a step by step on how to clean cloth diapers don’t give advice for the messy pooper. they say things like, knock stool into toilet and place in diaper pail. my question: what if the poo isn’t the knocking-off type? the poo that i had to deal with this morning was not letting go of that new, soft diaper without a fight. well, i fought and flushed and fought and flushed and fought and flushed… i’m still not sure who won that match. at some point i just quit fighting and flushing and wrung the thing out and hid it away in the diaper pail liner. oh yeah, and that’s another thing. if you think you can get away with starting the whole cloth diapering thing without all the accoutrements (pails, pail liners, deodorizers), take it from me, you’re sorely mistaken. yeah, so upstairs is a scary, smelly diaper and cover stashed away in a liner without a pail or a deodorizer. wanna come over?

that about wraps up my 30 minutes of poo hell, without talking about the feeling of poo squishing through my fingers… i’m trying not to take this as a sign from God himself that i am not cut out for using cloth diapers. i’m trying to take is as a challenge to keep going even in the face of peril. I WILL USE CLOTH DIAPERS, I WILL!! *shakes fist towards the sky*

*whew* i feel a bit better now.