walkin’, walkin’, walkin’ …

little seba’s walkin’! rawride!

i sing this to seb when he starts walking around the house on his own. he’s doing it so often now though that i’m heartily sick of it and intend to stop. hoorah!

we went to coopers rock last weekend with friends of ours–seb likes getting down and dirty with nature…

and also gets his kicks from taunting darby by invading not only her personal space but also her mother, trina’s.

seb isn’t hard to find these days since his new favorite thing to do is slam pots and pans around in the kitchen. it’s quite loud…

but then when he’s quiet, he likes giving hugs and kisses–here he demonstrates on elmo.

i was quite shocked when i realized how much more of an influence seb’s grandma seems to have over him than i first understood–he sure didn’t learn this from mamma and daddy! (yes folks, that’s a comb)

i think i can say, in no uncertain terms and motherly preference aside, that seb is the cutest thing walking the earth. am i wrong? AM I?