raodtrip 2004

in a nutshell, we drove to philly, wed, sept 1, to manchester, ct, thurs, sept 2, to ocean city, nj, sat, sept 4, and home, mon, sept 6. i will probably never want to do that again. ever. that said, we had a pretty good time.

seb and noah played pretty well together considering they both only wanted whatever toy the other had at the time. there was minimal screaming and gnashing of teeth, and they both tried the sharing thing once or twice. me: “hey noah, why don’t you give seb a different truck to play with if you want that one?” noah: “no, please.” if nothing else, noah is very polite. our favorite noah-word ended up being “ganks”.

after way too many hours of driving to ocean city on sat, through hellacious traffic in spots (people in ct seemed never to have learned how to drive up hill), we arrived in time to take a short jaunt to the beach to show seb the sand and the ocean. he was all about the sand, but when he finally came into contact with the immenseness of the ocean, he cracked. it really freaked him out. so we only stayed long enough for a photo shoot and headed back to the house to eat some dinner. unfortunately, we should have maybe stayed at the beach that evening with sunshine and no wind because we awoke sun am to clouds and 20+mph winds. bummer. we did go to the beach for a couple of hours, but seb and i had jackets on the whole time, and it was way too windy to sit and relax.


here’s seb with ana (4 yrs) and james (23 mos)…

seb like to play with ana, but not when she was using “his” spoon. seb and james were not into playing with eachother. instead there was fierce competition for who could pinch the hardest (i think seb won that contest) and who could take away the most toys from the other (that goes to james, hands down).

man are the boys cute though! (we all know that seb is, so here is proof that james is cute too)

now we’re home. yay!! summer’s over. the sounds of kids playing in the schoolyard across the street are a daily occurence again. and it’s time for me to go eat.