today is one of those days remind you that spring is on its way. it’s sort of cloudy and cold–typically february–but the morning was ushered in with the singing of birds. what kind, i don’t know. i’m not a birder, but it sort of made me want to find out. for about five seconds. then i resumed with reality. there is also a kind of slant to the sunlight bouncing off the flurrying clouds that reminds me more of april showers than january snow.

funny, i wrote that last bit yesterday afternoon, and today (feb 24), we’re in the midst of a snow “storm” of sorts–it’s supposed to snow all day… spring can be so fickle!

seb is sitting next to me in his high chair trying to put a grape back on its stem…he is obviously delirious and in need of a nap. he points to the stem, and i say “stem.” then he points to the grape, and i say, “grape.” he doesn’t repeat very much, although he is beginning to try. “g,” he says. i’m happy it’s more than a grunt. “yeah, grape!” my days are full of this–labeling seb’s world with spoken words hoping that soon he’ll grasp the concept that he too needs to use this form of communication. it’s a good thing i love words…

as he moves closer to the terrible twos, it’s getting a little more frustrating to me (and him to an extent) that he can’t tell me things. so far, i have been the one working to break the code of his grunting, pointing, signing (that he makes up on his own now) and jibberish.

shifting this responsibility (responsibility! for a two year old?) to him is going to be tricky, to say the least, since he’s used to me anticipating his every need, and the battle of wills begins to comlicate the process. if he’s having these issues with talking, i can’t even imagine what potty training is going to be like. and the thought of changing diapers for ANOTHER two years makes me a little nauseous.

so this is the latest speed bump as we circle the parking lot of parenting. and as some parking lots are, speed bumps abound, so we’re definitely not on the fast track.