brian forwarded me this link to our friend doug’s blog about how his two-year old boy isn’t talking yet. reading it encouraged me to look back to this time last year here on our site to see where we were with seb’s own lack of talking. (you can do the same by clicking on months feb-may in the archives to the right.)

a year ago february seb wasn’t saying anything but “mama” and “daddy” as well as “duh-duh” for just about everything else. i was stressed. the pediatrician encouraged us to get him speech therapy. we did. and in may, he was talking.

and now? well, now we can’t shut him up. we don’t want him to all the time, but it would be nice if he could every once in a while to do things like, oh, i don’t know, listen to us. there are times like today that i don’t regret getting a little help at all when he sings for a half an hour straight during his quiet (aka, nap) time or when he says things like “ma-ma, you vacuumed!! you used daddy’s very heavy vacuum. daddy vacuums every day”. we wanted him to be able to communicate like this with us. to hear his voice. to witness the wonder of his little brain developing.

a couple months or so ago, we had lunch with doug, and i told him to hold off on worrying about his kid not talking yet. i said something like, “wait until he’s three, and then start worrying.” if i had to do it over with seb, though, i probably wouldn’t change anything we did to get him to talk.