we are such whimps! i was just reading the little blurb brian included below the picture of seb shoveling the snow with his pay loader: “Sebastien enjoying what is hopefully the last of the snow.” i would just like to say, “BUT, IT’S THE ONLY SNOW WE’VE HAD ALL YEAR!” so yeah, like, total snowfall this winter so far, maybe 6 inches. i could understand if we lived in new york or something, and the only snowfall we got was 100 million inches or whatever, but come on.

i had a typically contradictory discussion with seb in the car about snow and winter the other day when it was in the 30s and we thought it was summertime:

seb: is it not winter anymore, mama (sounds like, maw-maw)?

mama: yes it’s still winter, it’s just a little warmer today.

seb: why is it warmer today, mama?

mama: because it is.

seb: when will it be summer?

mama: when it gets even warmer. later.

seb: i love it when it’s warm. i hope it doesn’t snow anymore.

mama: me either.

seb: but i don’t want all the snow to be gone!

so we’re a little torn here about what we want to happen. for seb’s sake (oh, ok, and mine too) i’m sad to see the snowiness go–the two weeks we did have snow on the ground, seb spent more time outdoors than he did in all of october and november last year when it was in the 50s and 60s. he’d go outside all bundled up in layers and layers of clothes… well, you saw him. we even got him his own snow shovel. then after an hour of so of heavy labor, he’d come inside all ruddy-cheeked and hopping around cause he had to pee. he slept really well those nights. but the past couple of days have been on the warm side, in the 40s, and i have to admit that for myself i want it to be warm! i want green back! i want to see if my clematis will bloom! i want to plant flowers and ferns and trees and bushes and vegetables! i want spring and summer! i want to go climbing, camping, anything outside of this dismal city! a whole entire month of winter is enough, i say!

oh, and i forgot about this until now. i got stuck in 3-4 inches of slush after class last week. it was terribly embarassing and humbling and geeky. i’m SUCH a girl sometimes, and had to get the only guy in our class to help me by pushing the car while i floored the gas and spun all over the place, spinning up slushy goodness all over this guy, i’m sure. just awful. and all because i don’t carry a shovel or kitty litter or salt in my trunk and i do stupid things like park on the extremely steep street in the muck instead of the flat, dry parking lot (please, don’t ask).

so yeah, we’re big whimps. it’s time for winter to be over.