all patched up

seb’s surgery last week went as smoothly as it could go.
the surgeon didn’t have to explore seb’s arm for his tendon, and he
had it sewn back together in about an hour and a half.
seb came out of anesthesia quickly and got home in time for his cousins, brother, grandma and pop-pop, mommy and daddy to sign his new bright orange cast before bed.
the cast was on until this past wednesday when we went back to children’s for a follow up
appointment. the cast was removed and we got our first look at
seb’s stitches. the surgeon said how nicely it had stitched up and
that once the stitches dissolved it would all smooth out. we had to
take his word for it. seb said he thought they looked pretty….
pretty gross.
they are eye catching. so now he’s in a splint, not
allowed to move his thumb at all for the next 10 days. after that,
PT, and, eesh, more trips to children’s. here’s to being busy! and
man, am i glad we homeschool!