silly oren

oren screams as a yellow matchbox truck hits his little big toe and clatters to the floor. he looks as his mama and screams again, louder.

“what’s the matter?” asks his mother from the adjoining dining room, tearing her gaze away from the computer in front of her. she sees that he is looking down to the truck on the floor and holds his little big toe up off of the floor. “did the truck hit your toe?”

“yeah! truck! toe!” oren screams again.

“i’m sorry. do you need a hug?” his mother suggests.

“kiss! it!”

“well, come here then.”

oren is all smiles as he limps into the dining room towards his mama. his injured toe still sticks up in the air. drool escapes his mouth because his monthly cold makes it impossible to breath through his nose.

mama picks oren up and places him on her lap.

“is this it?” she kisses one toe.

oren offers her the other. “kiss! it!”

she kisses the other toe too, and places him back on the floor. he limps back to the living room.

“are you limping, oren?” asks his mother.

“yah. limpin’!” oren laughs as if it’s the funniest thing in the world.

his mother laughs too, and turns back to the computer to write it down. it was pretty funny. maybe other people will think so…