March 17, 2006

nothing happening

there has been no further updating on this page because, frankly, there has been no climbing. i mean, i know it's only march and it's not prime season here in the northeast, but even still, it's not happening. last weekend, a pittsburgh contingent actually did make it to the new river gorge, but we were not there with them. part of that is the inability to be spontaneous with two children in tow, but it mostly is because we just don't have the energy. even thinking about what a trip to the new would entail gives me a head ache.

i (jen) at least make it to the gym a couple times a week for about an hour. this allows me to warm up, try something that would have been easy this time last year, get shut down, get depressed and go home. it also gets me thoroughly frustrated with the gym and why it isn't nicer or have better problems on better walls. brian doesn't even bother going into the gym anymore, and sometimes i wonder if that's not the wiser decision. i do go, however, with the view that someday...


the other night at the gym, i was climbing near a younger woman who was recently married. i overheard someone ask her if she planned on having children, and her response was something like, "hell no, i'm too selfish." and i thought that that was me at one time, even less than five years ago. and it made me wonder what climbing would be like now if i didn't have seb or oren. maybe i'd be climbing harder. maybe brian and i would still be going outside all the time. but maybe not-- i think it would be pretty empty if things were that way and not the way they are. having kids has made climbing so challenging that sometimes i can't do it at all, but that just makes me appreciate it more. and now at least i know i can potentially pass on my appreciation for the outdoors at least if not climbing to my kids.

and you know what they say, "the family who plays together, stays together." so here is my chance to test that theory out.