Staking a Claim

Rod Dreher, in discussing director Judd Apatow’s subversive comedy 40 Year Old Virgin, examines one of the powerful changes that parenthood precipitates–the loss of irony. First, Dreher quotes Apatow: “My way of dealing with the world has always been to make fun of it and observe it but not take part in it,” Apatow told […]


A year or two ago, I posted about a Grant Peterson essay on the commitment required of commuting by bicycle. Dahon, the bike manufacturing who printed the piece, has re-published the essay, titled “What They Don’t Tell You About Bike Commuting. I’m glad it has re-appeared. It should be required reading for anyone who gets […]

A Different Kind of Motivation

For the moment, I have a new favorite blog, Belgium Kneewarmers. While I still cling to a Grant Peterson-esque vision of what a bike should be, I can’t help but dream about having a nice all-around road bike (hmmm, like this?) that I can ride quickly through the hills across the river. Maybe I’ll build […]

Finding My Way

We spent yesterday at the New River Gorge, climbing with an old friend who had recently moved back to the east from Oregon. We also camped for the first time with both of the boys (an adventure itself, given that we arrived at the campground around 10:00 PM). I have, in the past few years, […]


A friend joked the other day that the Floyd Landis doping hearing needed some sort of sex scandal in order to get more play in the media. Well, there you have it. Of course, this isn’t what Aaron was thinking of, but not only did we get a crazy admission by former Tour de France […]

Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son, originally uploaded by anklebiter_pgh. Seb added this rack and basket to Oren’s scooter.

Good One!

Ivan Basso, in an effort to save his own cycling skin, confessed to the Italian Olympic Committee that, yes, he was involved with Eufemiano Fuentes, the Spanish doctor at the center of the Operación Puerto doping scandal. Of course, Basso didn’t admit to actually doping, only the intention to dope. That’s right–Basso was clean when […]

Iron City Populaire

I argued with myself all week about the bicycle choice for this ride. I really wanted to ride the fixed gear, but a nagging voice in my head kept saying “you’ll regret it.” Add to that not having a proper set of handlebars for such a ride (the Promenade are quite comfortable for commuting, but […]

Here We Go Again

Over the weekend, Ivan Basso (winner of last year’s Giro d’Italia) voluntarily left the Discovery Channel cycling team ahead of his hearing before the Italian Olympic Committee for his ties the Operacion Puerto doping ring. I’m not sure what to make of this. Why would Basso leave Disco if he knew he was innocent? Additionally, […]