Race Report: Yellow Creek Monthly MTB Race (Short Version)

With only a bit time before we hit the road to go the New, I’ll just offer a brief overview of the race, with a longer report to come. The Yellow Creek Monthly series seemed like a good introduction to the world of mountain bike racing, so Alan and I loaded up his car and […]

A Few More Hueco Pics

Thanks to Paul and April for these. Glas Roof (V9) (Note my lame attempt to climb this after I trashed my ring finger by using my superior front 2 strength) D3 (V7) (A rare photo of an actual send) Sign of the Cross (V3) (So very hard for the grade)

Home Again, Home Again

We arrived home yesterday evening to find cats that were happy to see us, and an overgrown yard (spring has apparently sprung in these parts). The drive was mostly uneventful, with lots of wind and gray skies, and pockets of rain here and there (how much wind you ask? Enough to nearly double our van’s […]

Important Safety Tip

If you are planning to stop at a small town in Nebraska on your drive home, please be sure to check that it is not graduation weekend for the local branch of the state university. Finding a hotel in a cats-and-dogs thunderstorm is no fun.

The Long Road Home

I’m currently packing the van for our return to Pittsburgh. We’ve spent the last few days relaxing in Colorado, spending time with family, and (in my case) working. While the trip has certainly been good–beyond expectations, really–we are all ready to be in our home, in our beds. (Of course, this hasn’t stopped us from […]

Hueco Tanks Photos, Part Two

From Hueco Tanks 2010

Goodbye, Hueco Tanks

We’re currently in Socorro, NM, on our way to Denver, CO for a few days before heading home. Our last week at Hueco was a good one, though we had the full service of weather conditions, including some very chilly temps on the second to last day. Jen and I spent our last two climbing […]