as promised, this is the start of my reading list for my thesis: Bond, Marybeth and Pamela Michael, Eds. A Mother’s World: Journeys of the Heart. Travelers’ Tales, Inc.: San Fransisco, 1998. (collection of personal essays, motherhood and travel) David, Steph.  High Infatuation. The Mountaineer Books: Seattle, WA, 2007. (climbing) *Dillard, Annie. An American Childhood. […]


“it’s so impressing for some people and their kids to go swimming every day. it’s impressing because i’ve never seen anyone and their kids swim all day.” “it is so familiar that oren doesn’t share his lamb. i ask him every moment, and he always says no.” and i quote.


seb is trying to grasp the idea of size, in a universal sense. it’s kind of hard, so this is what he’s thinking at the moment. the sun is bigger than any of the planets. (true.) it is bigger than skyscrapers (true.)–well, it’s wider, but not taller (well…). skyscrapers are narrow (yes.). IKEA is bigger […]