all patched up

seb’s surgery last week went as smoothly as it could go. the surgeon didn’t have to explore seb’s arm for his tendon, and he had it sewn back together in about an hour and a half. seb came out of anesthesia quickly and got home in time for his cousins, brother, grandma and pop-pop, mommy […]

if you have kids, be glad you have…

i’m sitting at children’s hospital in the surgical family waiting room. it’s relatively busy in here. who knows what these other parents have brought their kids in for. sebastien is here because he had yet another accident with his whittling knife, that sharp bugger! this time, he hit a tendon. so he’s in surgery. i […]

with age comes pain…. and wisdom

today is april 3. today i have a niece who is now thirteen. a teenager. today the sun shone though the temps were in the upper 30s–it looked like spring, but it didn’t feel like it. today i went for a 3 mile run and wanted to run fast the whole time but had to […]