road trip 2012! it begins… notes

day one:
pittsburgh pa to columbia mo.
726.3 miles (according to gmaps, didn’t count them myself)
12 hrs 24 mins (again, thnks to google)
really really hot everywhere
favorite car-bound entertainment: harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone
motel, no camping :-/

day two:
columbia mo to broomfield co
734.7 miles (gmaps)
11 hrs 47 mins
hot and windy!!
favorite and only car-bound entertainment: harry potter and the chamber of secrets
the hindman’s for four nights, no camping

day three:
RMNP, wild basin below mt meeker and long’s peak
hike to callypso cascades
3.8 mi roundtrip (go kiddos!)
points of interest: copeland lake, copeland falls
lots of sunbaked granite and pine needles
a smattering of climbers with bouldering pads strapped to their backs on their way to unknown (to us) boulder problems
other wildlife: hummingbirds and a bald eagle! oh, and ground squirrels

day four:
chilling out, reading, updating blog
cousins playing nonstop
adult outing to the movies to see the avengers
meeting up with an old climbing buddy and friend for dinner