to cut? or not to cut?

one of the little things that brian and i have loved about seb since he was born is his hair. he’s always had some. in the beginning it was just nice that it was there to hide the bumps and bruises from his delivery. around 3-4 mos, his hair began growing in thicker, and we […]

the amazing world of seb

i guess if a baby’s going to get one tooth, he may as well get two. seb has the first bottom tooth pretty much in and a corner of the second. *sniff* from here on out we can say bye-bye to his little gummy grin. it’s a fairly sad occasion for me, but there is […]

the other day i was looking at the main page here, and chuckled about my famous last words (“we’ve been practicing with our cats for the past five years, how hard can it be?”). there are several reasons why raising a child is SO much easier than “raising” cats. a) seb is already, at 8 […]