that i am writing. this is the first of anything i’ve written about our fall 2007 trip to the red river gorge in kentucky. it will be growing over the next few months to actually include what we did there and with whom… Oren He started out clean. Cherubic even. His smooth, round cheeks and […]

mother goose raises real mom’s ire

the farmer’s wife cut off the tails of the three blind mice. the little girl with the little curl right in the middle of her forehead deceived her mother for affection. really, why is humpty dumpty an egg? and why, why do the king’s horses and men want to make him better? why? and, i’m […]

holiday visitors

i’m sure none of the readers of anklebiter can imagine this, but i am really bad at taking pictures, especially when it comes to family visits and cute cousins playing together. so you can go here instead, to see how much fun we had over the week between christmas and new years.