combination of complain and blog: when all a blogger does is complain. “Don’t go to, all they do is complog!” (i’m stealing this idea of making up a new word from the magazine, Brain, Child. in the most recent issue, they have a couple of pages devoted to new words like this that other […]

spring fevers

as we approach what we normally think of as springtime here in the northeast, the weather is becoming more and more like winter. what’s the deal? i guess this isn’t a new trend. it happened like this last year too. at least the days are getting longer, although the sun actually needs to be out […]


brian forwarded me this link to our friend doug’s blog about how his two-year old boy isn’t talking yet. reading it encouraged me to look back to this time last year here on our site to see where we were with seb’s own lack of talking. (you can do the same by clicking on months […]


i was looking back at entries here today, and i saw that i haven’t yet brought this up to speed in terms of how oren is doing. this week was a really good week. oren stayed awake for longer intervals and smiled a lot during those times. nursing him became enjoyable because i could just […]


i vacuumed yesterday. the living room AND dining room. for the first time since oren arrived on the scene. it felt so GOOD. it’s embarassing how good it felt to clean. i think i’ll do it again soon. especially since just after i finished vacuuming, one of the cats puked on it. on the otherhand, […]