what do you do…

when the sun won’t come out, the wind is blowing, the temps are in the 30s and the campground electricity and water go out? go climbing until your kids can’t feel their toes, huddle in the van with the engine idling, cook out in the cold, eat with 9 other people in your friends’ van, […]

see spot run

so far this trip, we have experienced the gamut of weather. cold. snow. clouds. sun. heat. we were hoping to avoid the really wild windy days that we have been in on our spring trips. alas, it was not to be. wednesday, dec 4, a cold front began it’s approach and with it came wind. […]

in el paso doing laundry

we have been on the road 10 days now, and today (the first day of december!) i’m taking advantage of our rest day to do laundry. we have a lot, even though i limited the number of clothing items we all brought. we have had to double-wear some things, but that’s okay. part of being […]