home from utah: the end of road trip 2012

brian stole everything i wanted to write about, so i have to improvise. we’re home, sitting at the dining room table with our laptops open. the kids are upstairs probably reacquainting themselves with their bionicles. oh how they missed their toys! it is a scene much like the night and morning before we left on […]

shower, aka don’t know what you got till it’s gone

day 16: i just took a shower. you may think, what’s the big deal, but it’s serious. this is the first shower i have had since may 31. that’s 10 days people. i could count the shower i took in the woods of our campsite 5 days ago, in the shade with the wind blowing […]


after day five of our trip, the third of lounging at chez hindman in the denver area, we headed farther west to utah. the main attration of our road trip this year is rock climbing in maple canyon, about an hour and a half south of salt lake city. we arrived in the little town […]