Dust in the wind

Finally, a cold front! Finally, the temps are down in the lower 80s! We should be happy and content about this turn of events, yes? Well… We are mostly. The only problem is the wind. A cold front cannot come through without some sort of atmospheric upheaval, and here in El Paso TX, we are […]


It is almost impossible to revisit a place without comparing it to the other times you have been there before. That’s what I have been experiencing a lot these first four days of our second trip to Hueco Tanks. There are some similarities of course. We are staying in the same camping spot we did […]

our bags are packed

we’re hitting the open road again. tomorrow. the pouring down rain and temps in the 40s today–classic ‘burgh springtime–is chasing us to the desert. hueco tanks is calling us back for another climbing adventure, a revisiting of last year.┬áthe young ones have shorn heads to accommodate the heat. 88 degrees fahrenheit on saturday, our first […]