surprise free time

pop-pop came and got the boys from me a little bit ago. we loaded their booster seats into his new-ish bright red jeep liberty so they could go to his house and help him with putting up a castle in the tree house. so i have some unanticipated free time. time to myself. i haven’t […]

the end.

i was going to write a post about leaving santa cruz, and how sad i was, and how driving through nevada sucked, and how uplifting it was to get to salt lake city. i was going to write about how pretty and well located salt lake city is, in the valley between three mountain ranges. […]

Sand in the bathtub

Because we went to the beach today. We drove from Tuscon AZ on Monday and stayed a very cold night in Joshua Tree National Park in So Cal. J Tree is a climbing destination, so it was hard for us to be there only a few hours and not climb. Well, okay, we did climb […]