all about poop

for those of you with queasy stomachs at the mention of any type of body fluid, or not so fluid fluid, and for those of you who hate parents who only talk about their kids poop, stop reading now. i have just had a horrific 30 minutes, and i’m using this to vent. this morning […]

seb update

well, it’s time i update this thing… hmmm. what to tell, what to tell. there is so much going on–seb is nearly a toddler, we’re living in our very own home, the price of gas is obscene. it’s been hard to find the right time to sit down and write. heh, right time to write…. […]

birthday update

fire! fire! (mama is attempting to blow out the fire before the finger gets to it–one of a couple fire catastrophies i was able to avoid. the other involved the entire house.) mirror, mirror, up against the wall, who’s the cutest one-year-old of them all? seb grew a lot of brain on his birthday and […]

and we let him eat cake

more b’day pics later…