a mom’s thoughts on climbing

so a little more talk about our trip to the new last week… let me back up a bit. brian and i had convinced ourselves (well, i know i had, and it seemed to me that brian had too) when seb was all brand new and shiny that climbing routes with ropes and gear and […]

randomness and seb’s first “new” trip

silliness bettiness most of these pics are from hawks nest at the new river gorge. we didn’t have as many photo ops the other days, and friend kathleen was photo-happy since she wasn’t climbing the rest of the day…

slacker mom

at least in the weblog sense… i’ve been so busy writing essays for class (wahoo!) that i have neglected my narrative of seb-happenings. class has reached a crossroads into writing a long essay from now until semester-end, and i have decided to write about motherhood issues–pregnancy, childbirth–and then flesh out a bigger political issue from […]